Customer Relationship Management


Salesforce Sales Cloud - Sell Smarter with AI driven Insight

  • Increase deal conversion rate with data and AI - Get insights that matter to accelerate every stage of sales journey
  • Reach out to your customer with omnichannel - Maximise customer touchpoints across every channel
  • Automate Field Sales - Increase the productivity of field sales team
  • SPANCO Process - End to End process automation covering the Quote to Cash Cycle

Salesforce Service Cloud – Redefine the customer service

Get to the heart of service with connected, efficient, personalised experiences with the #1 customer service software.
  • Omni channel support - Make your customers’ lives easier. Provide consistent experiences from digital to the field
  • One to One Engagement - Help your agents to build customer loyalty
  • Service Process Automation - Automate processes and empower teams to do more with less
  • Call Centre Automation - Empower your agent for a better customer service

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Make your marketing effort generate results

One to one personalized marketing to optimize the spends and increase the churn rate
  • Data driver customer centric approach - Use a single source of truth to deliver data-driven interactions
  • Personalise every moment - Meet customers in the moment with real-time data across channels and teams
  • Automate engagement across all the social channels - Automated engagement across email, web, mobile, and more
  • Optimise performance and budget - Get the insights you need and the outcomes you want with unified, AI-driven analytics

Analytics Cloud - Data Analytics to increase business productivity

  • Exception based reporting to provide meaningful insights - Take action and keep data at the heart of every decision, right in the flow of work
  • Automate insights with built-in AI - Use intelligent predictions, recommendations, and flows to uncover real-time answers to business-critical questions
  • Transform decisions into actions - Get started quickly with out-of-the-box accelerators and apps, purpose-built for every industry
  • Ensure data security - Make secure, high-quality data available where you need it by ensuring visibility and control

Heroku / Platform - Powerful platform to deliver automations

  • Automate processes, build better apps, and secure data across your Customer 360.
  • Automate easily with workflows and flows - Simplify tasks with automation and low-code tools to connect your entire organisation
  • Build apps faster as per the requirements - Create and test applications quickly with the latest change-and-release management tools
  • Scalability via metadata driven architecture - Protect your data and stay compliant with top security and privacy solutions

Salesforce Commerce Cloud - Unified Commerce Experience

  • Choose how you connect with customers on the platform trusted by industry-leading brands.
  • Easy to deploy and highly scalable - Save time and money. Launch quickly with headless commerce
  • Automate from enquiry to delivery process - Simplify processes and reduce costs with automation
  • Manage customer loyalty - Connect your commerce journey from start to end, and back again
  • Personalise with unified data and AI. - Strengthen relationships and trust with intelligent insights

Integration Cloud - Create scalable and connected experiences faster

  • Power of scalable integrations-Connect any system, Salesforce or not, whether in the cloud or on-premises, on a single platform
  • Empower your organisation to drive innovation - Allow teams to discover and reuse integration assets to build upon prior projects and address new business priorities

Slack – Collaboration to drive efficiency

  • With Slack, sales teams can:
  • Engage with customers and partners securely in real time
  • Boost rep productivity with automation and actionable insights
  • Rally your extended team to keep deals moving forward

Industry Cloud

Engage with your customer, partner and supplier in a smarter way to drive efficiencies using following industry specific clouds:

  • Health Cloud
  • Financial Service
  • Manufacturing Cloud
  • CPG Cloud
  • Education Cloud
  • Media Cloud

Drive business efficiencies using plug and play products to supplement the core cloud offerings. Our experienced team can help you automate your process using following products:

  • Digital Engagement – End to end customer interaction management
  • CPQ – Code, product configuration and pricing
  • Einstein products – Leveraging AI for efficient decision making