Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue cloud
Unify sales, finance, and legal on one platform for more efficient revenue lifecycle management.

Revenue Lifecycle Management

salesforce revenue cloud

Organisations can drive profitable growth with Revenue Cloud. It helps Automate everything from product-to-cash, including product catalogs, pricing, configuration, quoting, order management, fulfilment, billing, and contracts. Organisations can grow quickly with flexible revenue models and speed to market. They can reduce operational costs by automating policies, controls, and processes at scale. Unify sales, finance, and legal on the #1 AI CRM (Salesforce).

Configure, price, and quote straight from CRM.

Salesforce CPQ

Structure and Guardrails for Reps

Help sellers quote quickly and correctly with guided selling and configuration process flows. Accelerate user adoption and reduce system cost with a quoting solution built on CRM. Protect revenue with product bundling, exclusion rules, and dependency controls built into the quoting process. Increase deal size with recommendations for compatible upgrades and add-ons.

salesforce revenue cloud
Product Catalog and Pricing Management

Simplify go-to-market operations with a unified product catalog accessible by all sellers and partners. Stop revenue leakage with embedded maximum and minimum pricing thresholds. Support pricing — in any currency — for one-time transactions, subscription or usage models, and milestone-based products.

Contract Renewals and Amendments

Provide customers flexibility to amend their contract and terms anytime. Accelerate upsells and cross-sells with quoting for amendments like add-ons, swaps, and upgrades. Reduce churn with automated customer communications like renewal quotes and mid-term change notifications.

Manage the entire contract lifecycle on CRM.

Salesforce Contracts

Contract Creation
salesforce revenue cloud

Go from opportunity, to quote, to contract more efficiently than ever. Speed up new sales and renewals by allowing reps to create and update contracts at any stage of the customer lifecycle. Enable legal teams to create contract templates and manage clause libraries that can be leveraged by sellers during the contracting process. Improve customer experience by unifying sales, finance and legal teams with Contract Lifecycle Management on CRM.

Contract Changes and Contract Redlining

Simplify contract negotiations with automated processes across all business units. Ensure compliance by embedding approvals and contract change actions into sellers' workflow straight from CRM. Collaborate on contract terms and other changes with contract redlining. Speed up contract close with prebuilt clause templates, automated approval workflows, and esignature integration.

Obligation, Approval, and Change Management

Manage every contracting touchpoint—from initial sale to ongoing changes straight from CRM. Reduce system cost and improve data accuracy by unifying contract data on C360. Empower reps to kick-off review and approval workflows for renewals or contract changes straight from their opportunity. Ensure contract commitments are fulfilled with obligation management. Give visibility and tailor functional permissions to relevant business functions.

Bill and collect for any revenue model.

Salesforce Billing

Automated Recurring Billing
salesforce revenue cloud

Eliminate point solutions and scale business operations by unifying billing for all sales channels on CRM. Increase revenue by offering customers the option to buy and pay for one time, subscription, usage, or milestone based products. Ensure charges are captured across every sales channel with consolidated invoicing. Automate billing for any frequency like monthly, quarterly, or annually with a built-in invoice scheduler.

Payments and Collections

Accept any payment method, through any payment gateway. Use Salesforce's native payment gateway or any partner gateway on the AppExchange. Automate electronic payments like ACH and credit cards. Make collections easy with automated customer notifications and dunning process flows. Transaction Support for the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Offer customers flexibility to make mid-term amendments and easily invoice them the pro-rated balance. Improve customer experiences by ensuring sales, service, and billing agents have access to accurate and up-to-date billing information on CRM at all times.

Enable self-service across all buying channels.

Salesforce Subscription Management

Omni-Channel Sales

Launch self-service buying capabilities anywhere customers want to engage, whether it's within applications, on a webstore, through partner sites, or chat portals. Offer subscriptions, add-on, or one-time sale products fast — with clicks, not code.

Unified Shopping Experience
salesforce revenue cloud

Deliver consistent buying experiences across all sales channels. Make online shopping and check out easier with consistent product and customer data surfaced across any customer touch point. Let customers add products to an app store shopping cart and check out on the website later. Unify product catalogs to minimize system cost and data duplication across sales channels.

Self-service Amendments

Activate fast and easy self-service options for customers to upgrade, add-on, and renew simple transactions on their terms. Free up reps’ time to focus on high-value customer conversations, relationship building, and complex deal cycles.