Roads Analytics


Roads are the backbone of any developing country and the health of these roads is one of the foremost challenges faced by each of the countries worldwide!


The current process to maintain road assets is a time consuming, manual labor intensive process, error prone and costly. This challenge rests solely with infrastructure companies entrusted with the upkeep of the roads and the associated infrastructure.


Learning Management Solutions


Deliver personalised learning to customers and employees alike.

Engage learners, increase value, reduce costs, boost learning performance & training.

Engaged learners lead to better numbers.

  • Retain Learners
  • Increase Lifetime Value
  • Reduce Support Costs
  • Boost Learning Performance
  • Training

A Single platform to drive every learning experience

Support hybrid learning and create a unified learning experience that gives users a complete view of available learning content through a single dashboard.

Built for personalised learning. Machine lea

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tailor learning journeys with relevant recommendations that drive curiosity and motivate achievement.

Guided learning journeys.

Create structured learning programmes with internal and external learning groups, automated user onboardingand course assignment. Enrich your course library with over 330 courses from Grade 9 – Grade 12.

Learning that’s engaging.

Social learning, gamification, alerts, leader boards, personalised emails and other features keep learners engaged, drive interest and promote peer discussion.

Actionable insight from analytics.

Easy-to-read, detailed reporting makes it easy to get the high-level and granular view of team progress, making it easy to plan, adjust and strengthen your learning programme as well as intervene when learners are off track.

Virtual Events


Virtual Reality (VR) development services focus on the implementation of software that allows users interact with simulated environments. Quadrafort delivers competitive VR software with high and fast user adoption.

When creating VR content, we apply immersion-improving elements such as:

  • Highly realistic visuals.
  • Kinesthetic attributes.
  • Engaging animations

Our large and experienced team of VR engineers delivers smooth VR experiences by:

  • Making use of motion/eye tracking and computer vision technologies.
  • Introducing intuitive interactivity and realistic sound acoustics.
  • Optimizing back ends for high-load VR processes.

Manage your hybrid and virtual events to meet your organization’s objectives

Make use of our virtual event solutions to cater to your varied variety of event demands:

Trade show and conferences
Hybrid event
Virtual trade show
Virtual conference
Virtual exhibition
Virtual product launch
Virtual networking