AI is the new team member

AI is the new team member in every business and its every facet.

AI is playing a pivotal role in empowering entrepreneurs to accelerate their path to profitability and operate with a leaner structure. By leveraging AI as a solution, businesses overcome traditional barriers, streamline processes, and make data-driven...

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salesforce marketing cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Organisations can drive profitable growth with Revenue Cloud. It helps Automate everything from product-to-cash, including product catalogs, pricing, configuration, quoting, order management, fulfilment, billing, and contracts..

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Can AI Replace Human Developers?

AI has had a significant impact on code writing and software development. Chatbots powered by GPT and similar language models have had a significant impact on the software development industry..

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Top 10 Tech Trends For The Next Ten Years: Is Your Business Prepared?

According to a recent report by Mckinsey & Company, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the companies over the tipping point of technology and transformed..

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Chat GTP

ChatGPT – The next big thing of AI and it’s impacts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize many industries and make our lives easier, but there are also risks associated with its..

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AI is constantly changing our world..

AI have one principle that rules: think simple. But what we’re doing here with artificial intelligence, however, isn’t simple at all..

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: For all your marketing automation needs...

One of our customer a global player in the pet food industry trusted the Salesforce Marketing cloud platform for their marketing

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A 360 degree customer experience in banking using

The strength of retail banks around the world is that they provide their customers an immersive experience into the multi-faceted banking products and..

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low-code application development will be responsible for..

This isn’t just about streamlining development, it’s about developing solutions that move the needle for the business Low-code is a visual approach to..

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Metaverse – A paradigm shift in Technology

One of the most hyped or overhyped word in Technology realm today is Metaverse. Metaverse will be the immersive 3D transformation..

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AI in bussiness

Artificial intelligence in business

Many businesses take up artificial intelligence (AI) technology to try to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experience..

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